The GFTE is one of the most sophisticated measuring systems in the world.

The GFTE can be built into a various selection of vehicles or can be built as a self-contained friction tester trailer.

The GFTE, is basically a system for measuring the friction between the GFTE’s measurement wheel and the surface of the ground.

The main components consist of a measurement wheel with a raising and lowering mechanism (hydraulic system), a chain transmission, a universal or an original drive shaft from one reference wheel of a car or of a trailer to the chain transmission, the measurement wheel and a measurement computer system.

The chain transmission is fully integrated in the transmission arm and the measuring wheel is braked by the reference wheel of the car/trailer. The slip ratio is approximately 15%. The skidding gives rise to a moment (force) in the chain transmission, which is read via the horizontal load sensor.

  • The vertical load on the measurement wheel is read via the vertical load sensor.
  • The two measured values, horizontal and vertical, are sent to the computer, which calculates the friction coefficient.
  • The measurement distance is controlled by the pulse sensor, placed on the transmission arm.
  • Optional: Water system One 650 or one 800 litre water tank is a part of the GFTE water system. The water flow is controlled by one electrical pump and one electrical valve to supply the correct water film via a nozzle in front of the measuring wheel.